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The Pantry

Let's start at the beginning

That is, from my passion for food. It all started in primary school when teacher Giovannella gave us an essay asking each child what they wanted to be when they grew up. I wrote with great innocence that I had two dreams: the first was to sell wine with my father, since I have always admired his work, and the second was to become mayor of Strada in Chianti, always taking my cue from my family's past.

Well, I haven't become mayor yet... at least for the moment (never say never in life). But as for the wine, well, just ask around here in the Greve in Chianti area. Everyone will tell you that from Gregorio's Dispensa, I serve gallons of wine every day, accompanied by gourmet platters of Tuscan cold cuts and cheeses.

Before getting to this point

But suppose we really want to start from the beginning, well. In that case, I owe it all to my father, Andrea. After a diploma in accountancy, he decided to become a commercial agent and did damn well! He was the first to export MukkiLatte's UTH milk throughout China! But it doesn't end there, because it has opened up the market for local products worldwide over the years! Becoming a true ambassador of good Tuscan living in the world!

And if it's true that he who goes with the lame learns to limp, then I shouldn't be so bad either, since I accompanied him far and wide as a child!


My platters are renowned throughout the area... and not only that, as people from abroad come here to taste my cold cuts. And our ‘fiasco’ Chianti DOCG Le Terre del Cavaliere Argante is named after my grandfather, Argante Parrini. In addition to being a Cavaliere di Vittorio Veneto, he was one of the first city councillors.

As I said, my passion is food. And I can't think of a better way to live this passion than to share it with others. That's why I choose one by one the products I offer to my customers, tasting everything myself.